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Find THE PERFECT meal near you

MeMeal is a mobile app that can recommend restaurants to you based on where you are and what you like. Simply tell MeMeal what you like, dislike, and if you have any allergies or special dietary restrictions. MeMeal will do the rest. If you are at a restaurant MeMeal can suggest specific dishes that match your preferences. If you liked the dish you ordered, you can save it as a top pick. You can also view MeMeal profiles to see what your friends are ordering. So next time you can't choose what to eat, let MeMeal help you make a choice.

Select the best flight FOR YOU

FancyFly makes it easy to find flight tickets. Just update your preferences and let FancyFly do the math.

Choose your perfect coffee spot

Sometimes finding that perfect coffee spot is hard. If you want a quiet study place, it can be hard to figure out when the coffee shop is crowded and buzzing. With CoffeeSpot you can check the app to see how busy the shop is. When you view coffee spots, you will see a green, yellow, or red bar above the shop card. This indicates how busy the cafe is. If you don't really feel like being productive, CoffeeSpot can also suggest the best coffee shops to hangout at with your friends. You can also read reviews from other people near you and learn more about the different coffee shops nearby.

Track your runs and progress

Action counts your steps and tracks your runs. The app displays your progress with motion. You can also set daily and weekly goals using Action. Once you hit your goal, you earn points with Action. As you collect points, you can redeem them for cool prizes. This should keep you moving! 












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