Children would hold their parents tightly not wanting to let go but I was that kid in school who would run out of my parents' car eagerly wanting to get into class on time to interact with my teachers and classmates. Since day 1, I have been collaborative and curious. 

My curiosity led me to be a keen observer and because of this, the driving force of human behavior has always fascinated me. Cognitive Science was a natural choice for me because of my intrigue in studying people's motivation, cognition, and behavior. As I continued my path in Cognitive Science, I discovered Human-Computer Interaction and Design, the perfect blend of my passion for psychology and my love for technology. 

As a Product Designer, I believe in taking research/data and molding them into stories. People identify with stories, not numbers. Let's create an environment where we can empathize with people to create research-driven design solutions and improve peoples' experiences and ultimately their lives. 

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